Lay the Draw Betting Strategy

Lay the Draw Betting Strategy

The world of online sports is bursting with numerous winning opportunities. Various types of bets and strategies can help you bring the wins home. Besides picking match winners and outrights, unique strategies such as laying the draw can help you squeeze more out of your bets.

What does it mean? A technique often used at betting exchanges such as Betfair and Betdaq, the lay the draw exit strategy requires you to learn a lay bet first. Back and lay wagers are common for trading exchanges, giving punters better odds.

In our guide about the lay the draw strategies, we will help you see why this strategy is an excellent approach to making a substantial sum of money.

What Is the Lay the Draw Strategy?

Betting on match winners and outrights is easy. You’re just picking the winner of a match or event. You can also bet on the draw or put your money on handicaps, moneylines, and other bets. Things are a bit different at betting exchanges. Have you ever heard of back and lay bets? A back stake is picking the winner (for example, a horse in a race) of an event, while the lay bet is the opposite. You’re betting it won’t win by choosing to lay a selection.

It’s the same with the lay the draw betting strategy. Contrary to putting your money on a draw, you’re betting the event will not end in a tie by laying a draw. In simpler terms, any other result makes you a winner. This strategy is commonly used in live betting, and for a good reason. It’s almost a surefire strategy for any match, especially in football matches that are still 0-0 around the 80th minute.

For example, if you’re sure that the game you’re betting on has a high probability of goals being scored, you should employ a lay the draw strategy and make the most out of it. You can make a profit and avoid late upsets with the cash-out feature.

How to Choose the Right Games

Choosing suitable games for lay the draw strategy is vital. Laying the draw isn’t a great bet if you have an uneventful match between 2 even opponents where nothing is happening, and a goalless draw is likely. Instead, it’s better to use it in situations where both teams are attacking and one is expected to score.

It would be great in a match where a favourite hasn’t broken the deadlock after the 70th (or so) minute and has had plenty of chances. In this situation, you could lay the bet and wait for a goal to be scored just before the end of the match. That’s why it’s best to use this strategy at in-play betting sites in competitions like the one we mentioned.

How to Use Lay the Draw

Before using this unique strategy, you will have to find a match that fits all the criteria. As mentioned earlier, this isn’t a strategy you can use in any game. Experienced bettors know they need to find a match that’s not supposed to end in a tie to profit from the lay the draw strategy.

The good news is that there are plenty of such matches in football every week. Select a game and choose the lay the draw option when you’re ready to use it. Some in-play betting sites may calculate the liability, but at others, you’ll have to do things on your own. The good news is that the system calculator will determine the return as soon as you enter the stake.

However, before you lay the draw, you have to remember that there are 2 ways to use it: betting and trading. They are similar, with a few slight differences that impact the outcome.

Lay the Draw Betting

By betting on lay the draw, you’re choosing the match to end in any other result than a draw. For example, if Manchester United plays Arsenal and the game ends 1-1, you’re losing your bet. If either team wins, you’ve won your lay the bet draw.

It is essentially back and lay betting by definition, so it’s not hard to learn.

Lay the Draw Trading

Expert tipsters will know when to trade a 1-1 or 2-2 draw result and bank a profit. Traders always seek to minimize risks and make a guaranteed profit when possible. With lay the draw trading, you can trade out of position for a profit when one team scores. Of course, you’ll need to recognize when to use a trading strategy properly and profit from your selections.

Betfair Trading Strategy

Betfair is the world’s leading betting exchange. One of the best in-play betting sites that also offers arbitrage betting, you can use lay the draw trading strategy at Betfair to profit. It’s quite a profitable trading strategy if you find suitable matches and lay the draw properly.

We recommend reading a few lay the draw tips for this to happen. They’ll give you a great idea on which matches you can apply the draw and make a profit by trading at the right time.

How to Minimize Risk

There’s no surefire way to minimize the risk of laying the draw. Even the best lay the draw system can sometimes fail – you can’t win all the time. Minimizing risk means choosing a perfect game for the strategy and betting in play. That should reduce the risk and liability, although there’s still risk involved, like other football bets.

There are, however, ways to add insurance to your lay the draw bets. These involve reading many tips and exit strategies by true betting experts who have used the strategy numerous times. Laying the draw is not complicated when you get the hang of it, yet you still need to pick the right match and calculate the liability before you start betting it.

Reducing Liability

There are several ways to reduce the liability of lay the draw trades or bets. The trade is an option since you’ll be trading a result for a better wager that minimizes the risk of a loss. The match must end in a tie when you back 1-1 score or back 0-0. Laying the draw, however, means any other result wins, which raises your chances of winning.

However, having a few exit strategies is a brilliant idea since nothing is guaranteed in sports.

Lay the Draw Exit Strategies

Let’s use a football example to present an exit strategy when laying a draw. Say that you’re laying the draw when Manchester United is playing Arsenal. The match is 80 minutes in, and Ronaldo scores for the Red Devils. At this point, the odds for a draw should soar sky-high. If you leave it late, you could lose your profit and liability.

In this case, it may be better to cash out or use a trading tool to take your profit. Depending on the match and the situation you’re in, it will affect the closing price. A lay the draw exit strategy is a good idea in these situations as there’s no safety net to guard your profits.

Watching the match live in these situations is a perfect decision since it’ll give you a better overview of what might happen. Paying attention to live scores will also give you an idea, but watching a match via live streams is much better. The best in-play betting sites will allow you to watch the game on your PC, laptop, or phone, so you’re always ahead of the curve with the latest developments.

Another common exit strategy is when a weaker side scores early in the game against a heavy favourite. While you’re technically winning your bet, the legal bookie assumes that the favourite will soon equalize. In this case, the draw price will not be high enough for a trade. Now you have the decision to make:

Trade for a managed loss and lay the draw again when the favorites score. It only makes sense if there’s time left to score another, not in the 96th minute. Favorites score a winning goal when they level a match against a weaker side that scored first.

If you stick to your guns, you’re essentially hoping that the underdog stays ahead for a long time so the price for a draw can go up, and you can trade. If the underdog scores another goal, you should trade for a profit.

Lay the Draw Insurance

With this bet type, you can also lay the draw with insurance. It’s that safety net most punters need when laying a draw. For example, many punters like to back 0-0, so they don’t lose anything if the match ends scoreless. These prices are usually high, but any goal scored by either side renders the insurance useless.

If you back 1-1 and lay the draw with insurance, you have more profit cover if a team scores. In this case, the profit is smaller, and this result doesn’t work on 0-0 or 2-0, for example.

Just like in blackjack, most punters will opt out against the insurance. It gives you a bit of cover but reduces your profit. Instead, it would be best to put more effort into match selection to avoid ending up in those situations.

Lay the Draw Tips & Tricks

When you plan to lay the draw, you should put considerable effort into match selection. It’s essential to pick the right match, as failing will result in no chance to trade. To choose the suitable game when you use the lay the draw strategy to make a profit, you should check the head-to-head meetings, the team’s most recent form, scores, average goal times, and scoring average. Of course, if key players, especially forwards, are missing, you should rethink your bets.

Blindly laying the draw isn’t going to bring you profit. Markets nowadays are too efficient for it, but it can still be a profitable strategy if you read blogs by expert tipsters. It also requires a lot of practice. Try focusing on a particular niche, such as the first half or specific teams. Refining the strategy and practising it should make you better at it fast.

Once you learn the basics, laying the draw is one of the easiest and most profitable strategies at betting exchanges.

What Sports Can Lay the Draw Betting Strategy Be Used For?

You will often find many opportunities to lay a draw on football games via betting exchanges like Betfair and Matchbook. Let’s check out a typical lay-the-draw football bet example.

Lay-the-Draw Football Bets

For example, there is a match between Manchester United and Arsenal, with the former being the favorite. Let’s say that the odds offered on the tie outcome is 1.85, and you lay the draw on a betting exchange with $10. In this instance, you will incur an $8.5 liability if a draw occurs, but you stand to gain $10 in profits if either side wins the game.

The best part about this betting strategy is that it comes with an exit strategy that allows punters to protect their bets in case things seem not going as predicted. One option is to use the “cash out” function and take some profit if one team scores late into the match, and it seems like a draw may still happen.

The other option is to back the draw bet when one team scores late into the match during the live game. Here, the odds of a tie will increase, especially if the favorite finds the net, which can potentially secure a profit with the two bets. Of course, you should only engage this exit strategy if you think Arsenal (i.e., the underdog) would equalize and the game would end in a tie.

The only downside is that if Arsenal scores first, the odds on the draw may decrease as sportsbooks expect Manchester United (i.e., the favorite) to score and tie the game.

Lay-the-Draw Pros & Cons

Considering the lay the draw betting options has many benefits. However, like any other strategy, it also has a few downsides. So, let’s explore the pros and cons of this option.

  • Higher winning frequency: Ties are less common in football matches when compared to straight wins/losses. As a result, the lay-the-draw bet has a much higher winning potential than most bet options, especially the straight 1X2 markets.
  • Potential for decent profit: The lay-the-draw bet option can be profitable when done correctly.
  • Bet hedging: Another significant advantage of this strategy is that it allows punters to hedge their bets in case of upsets to guarantee a small profit or, at the very least, mitigate losses.
  • Live betting advantage: The option is applicable in in-play betting, giving your wagers more flexibility.
  • Potential for high liabilities: One of the most significant downsides of the lay-the-draw bet market is the liabilities it will incur when a match ends in a tie. And this can result in a substantial loss, especially if the odds offered on the market are pretty high.
  • Low profit: The potential profit that a punter can make from the lay-the-draw strategy is generally relatively low, especially when compared to some high-value betting options markets.

Lay-the-Draw Alternative

If you find that the lay-the-draw bet is not for you, there are many other options that you can explore, some of which follow a similar concept. Some of the best lay-the-draw alternatives that you can check out include:

Double Chance 12

Double chance 12 is a great lay-the-draw alternative that covers the same possible outcomes that the latter also targets. With this market, a punter is betting on two out of three possible outcomes in a match, including the home team’s victory and the away team’s win. You will only win this bet if either team wins the game. If the game ends in a tie, you lose, the same as in the lay-the-draw option.

The only difference between this alternative and lay the draw is that the double chance 12 is a back bet that a punter can easily make at most betting sites. The lay bet, on the other hand, is only available to punters on betting exchanges.

Double Chance 1X or X2

The double chance 1X and X2 bets are also great alternatives for lay-the-draw bets. This option also covers two out of the three possible outcomes in a football match. The 1X market covers the possibility of the away team winning or the game ending in a tie, while the X2 backs the possibility of the away team winning or a draw. You will win the 1X bet if the home team wins or a tie happens, and you will win the X2 wager if the away team wins or if a tie occurs. Anything that deviates from this will result in a losing bet.

This market differs from the lay-the-draw market as it completely removes the possibility of a tie. However, the double chance 1X and X2 include the possibility of a draw. This bet alternative is usually a good option if you know which team is likely to win, but you can’t ignore the possibility of the opposing team pushing the game to a tie.

Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

Another great alternative is the “both teams to score” bet. This market involves the goals scored during the game, focusing on whether both teams will record a goal. Here, you can bet on “Yes” if you think the two teams in a matchup will score at least one goal each, and you can select the “No” option if you think that at least one of the two contenders will not record a goal. It can be a good option when the two teams in a game are known for their attacking styles and are likely to both score.

This option and the lay-the-draw market are similar in that they both involve a different perspective on match outcomes that deviate from the typical match-winner bets. However, that is where the similarity ends as they target different outcomes and are offered on different platforms (i.e., the former is on a sportsbook while the latter is on a betting exchange).

Is It Still Worth Trading Ltd?

One of the most popular football trading strategies lay the draw, and it can be profitable if you get the gist of it. To learn how to lay the draw correctly, you must be disciplined and research beforehand. This strategy works best on live betting platforms, and if you’ve done proper research, you can learn how to use it efficiently and in your favour.

There’s no lay the draw alternative that works better. Master this specific strategy at exchanges such as Smarkets or Betfair, which could prove lucrative.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to trade lay the draw?
    Trading your lay the draw bet makes sense when you’ve laid a draw and scored a goal. In that case, you should make a profit by clicking on the Trade button.
  • Can you match lay the draw?
    Technically, you can back the draw, but you’d be betting against yourself.
  • What does it mean to lay a bet?
    Laying a bet means betting that the match will end with any team winning. You’re betting against a draw instead of backing a draw.
  • How to lay the draw on Betfair?
    The world’s leading betting exchange Betfair has made it easy to lay the draw. Find the match to trade, check the prices, and then lay the draw using the appropriate button.
  • Still have questions?
    Ask our experts
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