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Jimmy E

The Big Bash Twenty20 Cricket League (BBL) is one of Australia’s world’s premier domestic competitions for cricket clubs. Established in 2011, the Big Bash League quickly became one of the most-watched sporting events globally, and it didn’t need long to gain a large following of bettors as well.

Big Bash League betting is the favorite activity for many punters from Australia, but the popularity of wagering on BBL goes well beyond the domestic audience. While not as popular in Europe and the United States, betting on cricket still makes up a nice portion of the overall gambling activity, and big-name leagues such as the BBL take up a nice part of the total wagers placed on cricket.

Given BBL’s popularity, finding a bookie to accept your cricket bets is very straightforward, especially if you’re betting on Australian bookmakers. However, finding the place to wager on BBL is only the first step towards a lucrative betting endeavor.

This article will cover key points you need to know about choosing the best Big Bash betting sites.

List of the Best BBL Bookies

The most important thing you need to do before you start betting on the BBL is to find a reputable legal bookmaker that will accept your wagers. But while there are many bookies to choose from, it’s essential to look over their features and whether they provide you with the tools you need.

Here is our list of the top 5 BBL betting sites you should check out.

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That includes competitive Big Bash odds, enough market depth to gamble with different bet types, a good banking department with plenty of withdrawal and deposit options, as well as wagering bonuses, promotions, and betting offers. So while it’s easy to find a bookie that will accept your stakes, it’s wise to do your research and find the best bookmaker for you.

BBL Odds

Every cricket betting site you visit will have BBL betting odds, and there are no shortage of T20 Blast bookies that offer wagering odds on the Australian cricket league. But while locating a bookmaker that has BBL betting odds on offer is easy, finding the best BBL wagering odds is tougher.

The Big Bash odds won’t be the same across all bookmakers, so if you were to visit 2 bookmakers, the chances are that the offered odds won’t be the same. That is because the bookies set odds according to their research, analysis of the data, and complex algorithms, which give different answers.

As a result, we get presented with various priced markets, where Team A could be priced at even odds at William Hill but 10/11 on Betfair. Finding these odds inconsistencies is what many bettors strive to achieve as they help them find the best value bets on any given match.

That is why it’s wise to register on multiple sportsbooks to access different markets and ultimately get your hands on the best BBL Betting odds.

BBL Specials

Now that you know how to find the best wagering odds, you’re ready to explore the world of BetZillion bets and learn about all the different bets you can make on the Big Bash League. And while there is a wide selection of wagers you can choose from on the cricket betting markets, some of the most exciting ones fall under the “specials” category.

The BBL specials are all the bets that aren’t the usual moneyline, point spreads, or totals and include mostly wagers on teams and players. Most common are relegation and winner bets on teams and player-specific stakes such as top batsman, player of the series, and top bowler.


Winner bet (or outright winner) is one of the most popular wagers you can make when betting on cricket tournaments, such as the BBL. With it, you’re predicting which team you think will rise above all others to win the title.

When you place the winner bet, you will find the odds under the “outright” section, where the bookmaker will list all participating teams with corresponding Big Bash winner odds, and you need to pick the team you believe has the highest chance of winning.

Past BBL Winners

Who has won the BBL in the past? Take a look at our table of the most recent BBL winners.

Season Champion Runner up
20/21 Sydney Sixers Perth Scorchers
19/20 Sydney Sixers Melbourne Renegades
18/19 Melbourne Renegades Melbourne Stars
17/18 Adelaide Strikers Hobart Hurricanes
16/17 Perth Scorchers Sydney Sixers
15/16 Sydney Thunder Melbourne Stars
14/15 Perth Scorchers Sydney Sixers


Betting on which team will win is the most common team-specific wager, but it’s not the only one available. Bookmakers have done an excellent job expanding the betting options, allowing you to wager on almost anything that has to do with the teams’ performances.

Besides betting on which team will lift the trophy, you can also stake on whether a team will make it to the finals or whether the team will qualify for the playoffs or not. You can also wager how many games a team will win in a tournament, how many runs it will score, or whether Melbourne Renegades will finish the competition higher than Perth Scorchers.

There are many team-specific bets to choose from, and they all offer excellent odds. So if you’re comfortable with your knowledge of the teams, you should not hesitate to navigate team markets and place a wager.

Big Bash League Team Names

8 teams are competing in the BBL. Below you can see the most successful ones in the League’s history.

  • Perth Scorchers
  • Sydney Sixers
  • Brisbane Heat
  • Adelaide Strikers

MVP (Best Player)

BBL is a fertile ground for punters chasing profit with future bets, particularly future player bets. Admittedly, you can make many player future bets while wagering on the Big Bash League, but the most popular is the MVP or Most Valuable Player bet.

With it, you can predict which player will end the league as the MVP, and it works the same way as betting on which batter will score the most tournament runs or which bowler will take the most tournament wickets. Finding value with such bets isn’t easy since it requires you to develop a strong understanding of how and why the odds move while having enough knowledge of the game to recognize trends.

Still, you can follow one easy tip when betting on tournament MVP –  to wager on a player that is a part of a strong team. Teams that go deeper into the tournament are more likely to have an MVP candidate since they play more important matches and, naturally, more games overall.

Top BBL Betting Markets

What are the top BBL betting markets you’ll find online? We’ve selected the ones you need to keep an eye on.

Match Bet

It is the simplest market, even for beginners. With the match bet, you’re essentially betting on the winner or loser in an upcoming match, whether it’s the BBL, IPL, or an international game that involves 2 teams.

Match Winner

Who wins the cricket match? It can either be the home team or the visitors. This one’s similar to the match bet, but you’re picking the winner, not the loser.

To Win the Toss

This cricket BBL betting market allows you to pick who wins the initial toss before the match. It doesn’t matter who wins afterwards. Since this is done at the beginning of the game, it’s one of the fastest you can bet on.

Total Boundaries

The total boundaries market allows you to pick a range of (for example) 20-30 boundaries. It is typically offered in O/U format and falls under Totals betting markets.

The Most Wickets (Top Bowler)

With this bet, you choose the player with the most wickets in a match. It can also be found under Top Bowler and applies to the first innings.

The Highest Scorer (Top Batsman)

This market allows you to choose which player gets the highest score in a match. It is based on a variety of factors, including the type of daily wicket, the venue, the opposition, and his position.

Total Runs

It is another total market where the bookie sets a run line, for example, 295 runs. As a bettor, you can either bet over or under that line, specifically on the total runs scored in a match.


In cricket betting, placing a wager on sessions is putting your money on the total number of runs during a particular match or play session. It’s a bit more complex than usual, so it isn’t perfectly suitable for beginners.

Maximum Number of 6 Hitter

This market allows bettors to put their money on a player who might hit a 6 in an over. It’s a particularly lucrative market which doesn’t rely on the score.

There are plenty of special bets to choose from when wagering on the BBL, but if you go and check the Big Bash betting odds markets, specials are only the tip of the iceberg. Most of the Big Bash League wagers will be done via so-called main markets, including the most popular bets.

The most common are moneyline, over/under, and proposition bets which are highly popular amongst cricket punters mainly because they’re available on all betting sites and are very simple to understand and use.


A moneyline bet is the simplest and most popular wager type for cricket betting and gambling in general. With it, you’re predicting which team will win any given match, so you either pick Team A or Team B to come out victorious.

Although there are different versions of the moneyline, the most common is a 2-way moneyline since ties are highly rare in cricket. So while some bookies will also allow you to wager on a draw, this bet is very rare to hit.

Total (Over/Under)

Total (or over/under) is another highly popular cricket wager, which starts with the sportsbook setting the total score it believes the teams will achieve by the end of the match. Your job is to predict whether the actual score will be higher or lower than the presented number.

You can also bet on total runs, total wickets, number of series, and any other game statistic. These wagers will usually have their section named “Totals” or “Over/Under,” where you will get presented with an excellent selection of all total bets you can make on a BBL match.


Props (or proposition bets) are an excellent way to explore an alternative way of betting on cricket that is generally not affected by the game’s outcome. Like in any other sport, Propositions in cricket is a wager that focuses on segmented parts of a game, such as player and team performances and extreme occurrences and happenings.

The prop bets are divided into:

  • Team Props
  • Game Props
  • Player Props
  • Exotic Props

One of the most common player props is a head-to-head performance of players on the same or opposing teams. Meanwhile, an example of a team prop is which team will score the most runs before the first wicket falls.

Props are betting markets that go beyond the standard moneylines, totals, and spreads and open up a whole new world of betting on cricket. Although most are random, you can always find value prop bets if you know where to look.

Offers & Promotions

When picking a bookmaker for your BBL betting needs, it’s wise to choose a betting site that offers bonuses, promotions and offers on cricket matches. But regardless of whether you pick a cricket bookmaker or not, most bookies will have special offers for Cricket World Cup odds or any major cricket league such as the BBL, ensuring that it’s not tough to find Big Bash betting promotions.

Here is our list of the top 5 betting sites with the best BBL betting offers.

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Those will mostly come in the form of an online free bet, boosted odds on specific games, or a wider selection of proposition wagers. So while registering at a cricket bookie is your best bet if you’re out for bonuses and promotions, there are other great choices.

How to Bet on BBL

Being a cricket bettor can be a challenging but potentially highly rewarding journey. Coming on top and being the best at what you do requires a lot of dedication and time, and no one can become an expert cricket bettor overnight.

But while it isn’t simple to profit from wagering on cricket, anyone can do it. Here are a few useful tips to get off to the right start when betting on Big Bash cricket.

  1. Research bookmakers and pick the right one for you.
  2. Make sure the bookie is legal and has competitive odds and enough market depth.
  3. Register at more than one sportsbook and consider betting exchanges (Betfair, Betdaq).
  4. Bonuses and promotions are a great way to get more value from your wagering.
  5. Find betting sites with helpful information such as stats, news, and BBL betting tips.
  6. Learn to differentiate between helpful information and noise.
  7. Find the betting strategy that works for you.
  8. Manage your bankroll.

BBL Live Betting & Live Streaming

Betting on the pre-match markets is the most common way of wagering on the Big Bash League, mainly because it does not require much investment outside of the time you spend picking the right BBL bet. But for many cricket punters, live betting on the BBL matches is the only way to wager on the Australian cricket league.

While less common than pre-match betting, in-play gambling is prevalent and potentially highly lucrative. As its name suggests, in-play betting is when you stake on a cricket match while it happens, and bettors usually do it not only to test their knowledge of the game but to take advantage of the shifting odds.

With so much happening in any game, the in-play odds are constantly moving while the bookmakers try to price the match based on its current state. Most have gotten good at that, but there will be instances where the bookies won’t be able to keep up with all the action, and that’s where in-play bettors find value wagers.

In-play betting is considered if you understand cricket and know what each play means. But before you start betting on live games, you should make sure that the bookmaker you’re using accepts live betting, and that is live streaming.

The ability to watch the game on the betting site you use to wager on the BBL will benefit you greatly, as it’s far more convenient to watch and stake on games in the same area than watching the games from a streaming platform.

BBL Betting Tips & Predictions

When deciding which BBL match you will bet on, there are many factors to consider, from the teams’ form, weather, the venue at which the game is played, player injuries, and more.

That can be time-consuming and tedious for anyone, but you don’t have to do all the work yourself. So instead, look for cricket betting experts and their BBL predictions to help you decide what to wager on.

Reading through a BBL betting preview saves you time, provides you with insight from an expert, and gives you an additional source of information you can look at when picking the right bet. That is why finding a reputable betting site with BBL tips is highly beneficial for anyone trying to wager on BBL and make the right prediction.

So whether you’re an expert, casual, or a rookie bettor, finding a good source of BBL predictions and wagering tips will benefit you on your Big Bash League betting journey.

BBL Betting Strategies

Betting on BBL can be highly profitable if done correctly. While understanding the odds, how the market works, and how to find the best value wagers is essential, there are other elements to betting on the Australian cricket league that you should keep in mind.

When gambling on the BBL, you must acknowledge the venues’ importance and how they affect how the fixtures play out. Each of the 8 stadiums in the Big Bash League is different, with various characteristics.

Most notably, Brisbane Heat’s home stadium, the Gabba, is known for its pace, true bounce, and fast outfields with short straight boundaries. Because of that, you can expect more runs in games played at the Gabba than elsewhere. Yet, the ground is susceptible to evening storms due to its location (Sydney) in the subtropics.

Weather is another thing you should keep a close eye on when wagering on the BBL and should be a vital element in your betting strategy since not all venues are subject to the same climate.

And that brings us to the last factor you should remember when making your picks – the location and the time of the games. Most notably, dew often affects night matches on the east coast, making the ball slippier and tougher to control, resulting in a higher chance of dropped catches and misfields.

Many factors will affect how the BBL matches will play out, and as long as you can recognize them, you should be set to create a strong betting strategy.

BBL vs IPL Comparison

The table below shows the key differences between the Big Bash League and the Indian Premier League. The table can help you determine which league suits your betting style.

Area of Comparison BBL IPL
Administrator Cricket Australia BCCI
Inaugural year The First edition of BBL was played in 2011 The First edition of IPL was played in 2008
No. of Teams Currently, eight teams are part of BBL Eight teams are part of IPL 2020
Prize Money Total prize money of BBL 2020 was AUD 7770,000 Total prize money of IPL 2020 is US $7.2 million
Brand Value Never revealed Brand value of IPL 2019 was $6.7 billion
Auction System There is no auction system in BBL In IPL, players are picked through auction

BBL Overview

If you read our Big Bash League betting guide, you should know what is required to succeed while wagering on the Australian cricket league. But no league betting article is complete without a few interesting facts about the competition you might not know about.

  • Perth Scorchers and Sydney Sixers are the most successful franchises in the league’s history, having won 3 titles apiece, and are also the only 2 teams who won the trophy more than once.
  • Only 4 other teams ever won the Big Bash League, including Brisbane Heat (2012/13), Sydney Thunder (2015/16), Adelaide Strikers (2017/18), and Melbourne Renegades (2018/19).
  • Sydney Thunder won the most Wooden Spoons, having finished the Big Bash League last in 4 seasons, between 2011-2014 and in the 2016/17 season.
  • In 2012/13, the Thunder ended the season with zero points and a 0-8 record.
  • Aaron Finch holds the record for the most runs (2431) in the BBL and is still an active player in the league. Behind him are Glenn Maxwell with 2209 runs and Shaun Marsh with 2196.
  • Former professional player Brad Hodge holds the record for the highest batting average (42.78) in the history of the Big Bash League.
  • Marcus Stoinis holds the highest individual score in a single match, with 147 runs against Sydney Sixers in the 2019/20 BBL season.
  • Big Bash League is home to some of the best cricket players in the world, including Glenn Maxwell, Aaron Finch, Chris Lynn, Alex Hales, Dan Christian, Josh Philippe, and more.
  • The Big Bash League is widely considered one of the top-5 cricket leagues globally, alongside the Indian Premier League, T20 Blast League, Pakistan Super League, and the Caribbean Premier League.
  • Big Bash League is played across 11 Australian cities, including Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney.
  • Some of the most popular legal online bookmakers for betting on the BBL include William Hill, 888sport, Bet365, Unibet, and Sportsbet.
  • Big Bash League is featured among one of the top 10 domestic sports leagues in average attendance, with 30,114 average viewers attending the league’s games in the 2016/17 season.
  • The Big Bash League has witnessed the second-highest attendance in a cricket match, with nearly 81,000 fans watching 2 rival Melbourne teams in the Renegades and Stars clash in 2016.
  • Melbourne Stars and Hobart Hurricanes are the only 2 teams to never win the BBL, with the former making 3 finals.

Bottom Line

Although the sport’s popularity hasn’t caught up in the western world, Big Bash League cricket betting is hugely popular amongst punters from all over the globe, as reflected in recent studies that unveiled cricket as the 5th-most wagered-on sport in the world. As such, it’s very easy to get into cricket betting, as many bookmakers offer Big Bash betting odds, and plenty of bookies can help you make the right wagers.

But finding a bookmaker is only the first step towards a successful cricket gambling journey, and we hope that our guide has shed some light on how to approach betting on the BBL the right way.

All left for you to do now is to visit the best betting website and choose a bookmaker for BBL betting, and you’re set to wager on Australia’s premier domestic cricket league.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Big Bash League?
    The Big Bash League (also known as the KFC Big Bash League) is an Australian professional franchise Twenty20 cricket league.
  • How long does a Big Bash game go for?
    An average Twenty20 cricket match lasts for roughly 3 hours.
  • Where can you bet on BBL online?
    You can bet on the Big Bash League on all online sportsbooks that offer cricket betting, including major Australian bookmakers. As one of the most popular sporting competitions, Big Bash League odds aren’t hard to find and are available on all legal and reputable bookies.
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