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Top 3 bookmakers for betting on T20 Blast
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Find the Best Place to Bet on T20 Blast
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T20 Blast (also known as Vitality Blast) is an annual professional Twenty20 cricket competition for top-class clubs from Wales and England. Established in 2003 by the England and Wales Cricket Board, it is the first T20 league and an English/Wales counterpart to the Indian Premier League (IPL).

As one of the world’s largest and most recognized Twenty20 tournaments, T20 Blast has no shortage of fans and bettors, and it is not hard to find bookies that offer odds on the tournament. But registering at a cricket sportsbook is only the first step to betting. My guide will provide all the information you need to choose the best T20 Blast betting sites.

Best T20 Blast Betting Sites

Most online bookmakers will offer Vitality Blast betting odds, so there will be no shortage of betting markets to explore when placing a bet on the T20 competition. Still, it’s generally best to trust your money with the top-rated UK bookmakers such as William Hill if you wish to wager on cricket.

Below is our list of the top T20 Blast betting websites with all the features you want in a T20 Blast bookie.

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Bookmakers such as William Hill are highly popular amongst cricket punters, who seek quality gambling experience and top betting bonuses, most common on British bookies. But that doesn’t mean there are good alternatives for wagering on the T20 Vitality Blast.

T20 Blast Odds

Understanding how to read the betting odds – whether American, Decimal, or Fractional – is important since only this way will you be able to find the best offer and get the most of your wagers. But you can only do that if you have accounts with more than one sportsbook.

Bookies set the odds however they like, follow strict rules, rigorously analyze the games, follow breaking news, use sophisticated algorithms, and even have teams of betting experts to help them correctly set the odds. With so many moving pieces, it’s only natural that 2 bookies won’t have the same T20 Blast odds on the same game, and that’s precisely what T20 bettors are searching for.

If you find odds that are even 1/10 higher than the average, you have set yourself up for higher profit, which can add up as you wager on 1,000, 10,000, or more games. That is why you must get your hands on the best T20 Blast betting odds before you place your first wager.

T20 Blast Specials

Wagering on cricket games opens a whole new world of betting on sports, with a large selection of bet types not found elsewhere. But while some cricket bets are not even remotely similar to wagers you would make on football or basketball, T20 Blast specials will likely ring a bell.

T20 Blast specials or special bets offer an alternative way to stake on cricket instead of the usual moneyline, over/under, and proposition bets. Even though there aren’t as many specials as straight bets, that doesn’t take away from their popularity amongst cricket bettors.


T20 Blast winner bet or “to win” bet is the simplest wager to understand and one of the most popular stakes amongst sports bettors. It can have 2 meanings – either it can be a bet on which team will win the next match, but as a special wager, the winning bet is the same as an outright bet on a tournament winner.

It works on the same principle since you’re predicting which team will win the T20 Blast, the Hundred, or any other cricket event on the futures markets. The winner Vitality Blast odds will differ depending on which team you wager on, but even betting on one of the favourites can often mean you’re getting odds as high as 6/1.


Team bets in cricket is an umbrella term for a large selection of wager types, all related to specific teams and their performance in a tournament. Although the winner bet technically belongs under this category, team stakes are usually more specific.

Team bets in T20 Blast are similar to wagers you can make on teams in any other sporting event, allowing you to bet on numerous outcomes, which includes (but is not limited to):

  • Will a team qualify from their group?
  • What is the team’s exact placement in the group?
  • Will the team reach the semi-final?
  • Will the team make it to the final?
  • At which stage will the team get eliminated?

Team bets offer a lot of versatility and add another layer of excitement to your cricket wagering journey while providing excellent odds.

MVP (Best Player)

Betting on an individual player’s performance can be done in 2 ways – you either wager on a player to claim the Man of the Match (Player of the Series) reward or MVP of the tournament. Although this bet falls under the category of special wagers, it’s extremely common to see cricket bettors gamble on this market.

Depending on which of the 2 bets you want to wager with, you will find them on different markets, with the Man of the Match usually found under the match bets and tournament MVP under the outright section.

Betting on Twenty20 MVP is popular because it’s an exciting and unique way of wagering on cricket and mainly due to the generous odds online bookies offer on this betting market. So while you might need to tie your wager for longer if you’re betting on the tournament MVP, the potential reward makes it worth it.

With special T20 Blast bets out of the way, let’s focus on the most popular cricket bet types. These are common across sports, mainly the moneyline, totals, and proposition wagers.

And while the 3 are the most common bets you will find when exploring T20 Vitality Blast odds or betting markets of any other cricket event, such as the Big Bash odds, there are many more different wager types you can bet with while wagering on T20 Blast.


The moneyline in cricket is the same as a “to win the match” bet. It’s the most straightforward stake you can make in a Twenty20 cricket match by predicting which of the 2 teams will be victorious.

Since draws are highly uncommon in cricket, the most common moneyline bet you will make on T20 Blast is a 2-way handicap, where you either pick Team A or Team B to win the match. Although moneyline bet offers fairly limited options, there are other wagers you can make to add a bit more variety, including total bet.

Total (Overt/Under)

Total (or over/under) betting in cricket is, besides moneyline, one of the most popular stakes. It generally relates to the projected number of runs a batsman scorer in a cricket match but can be used for predicting the number of wickets a bowler takes and other statistics.

The idea behind over/under betting is that the bookie sets a certain number of statistics in a game, and you can then predict whether the actual number will be higher or lower than the presented number. Most commonly, cricket bettors use over/under to wager on the 1st over total runs, which is a very similar bet to over/under goals in a football match.

Over/under wagers are also among the most popular in-play bets and very common on live betting markets. Moreover, they can be used with points spread or other markets.


Propositions (also known as props) are special types of bets you can make while wagering on cricket that rarely have anything to do with the game’s outcome. Instead, cricket prop bets deal with other events in a match, including how many points a team will score after the first inning or who will win the toss.

There is no limit to what proposition bets cover, and the offer of prop wagers purely comes down to the bookie’s imagination. But they all share one similarity – prop bets are wagers made on whether a certain event in a match will happen, whatever it may be.

The diversity of prop bets is also the main appeal of this wager type, making it highly popular among cricket bettors. And besides that, there is no shortage of pop bets with very generous odds.

Offers & Promotions

When picking the bookmaker for Vitality Blast betting, it helps you register with a bookie with a generous cricket wagering market selection and provides users with bonuses and promotions on cricket matches. Those can include free bets, odds boosts, and even parlay payout bonuses, which are great ways to get more from your wagers and increase your potential payouts.

100% up to $500
New customers only! Please bet responsibly, 18+. Full T&Cs apply.
125% up to $1250
New customers only! Get 125% bonus up to $1250 on your First Deposit! Full T&Cs apply

Note that some promotions will have requirements such as minimum bets, while bonuses are often subject to rollover. So while picking the right offer for you, it’s wise to check the terms.

How to Bet on T20 Blast

When it comes to betting on cricket, the general principles of wagering on other sports remain the same. You need to research, monitor the betting odds, identify value, and have accounts with multiple bookies to grab the best T20 wagering odds on the market.

However, these are just a few steps you will need to take to set yourself up for success. It takes time and dedication to become an expert on betting on cricket, though while you won’t become an expert overnight, you can get there much faster by following these simple steps:

  1. Find a reputable bookmaker with competitive odds and solid market depth.
  2. Preferably register at more than one bookie for price shopping.
  3. Consider making an account on a betting exchange such as Betfair.
  4. Learn how to read cricket betting odds and learn about all bet types.
  5. Form a strong network of information about the teams, players, and leagues.
  6. Consider following T20 Blast predictions from betting experts.
  7. Find a strategy that suits you and stick to it.
  8. Learn bankroll management and never overbet.

T20 Blast Betting Tips & Predictions

Following  T20 Blast predictions and tips will make your journey into the world of cricket gambling smoother and potentially far more profitable. Although you should always research games and make your prediction, it helps get a second opinion from the experts.

Reputable betting sites that can provide wagering predictions can serve as an excellent source of information condensed into a single betting preview. With that, you can avoid looking through news and websites with cricket stats to make a pick, saving plenty of time while having an expert help you make the right wager.

T20 Blast Overview

Before you start betting on T20 Blast, it’s helpful to know a few historical facts about the competition, and it never hurts to know about it. So without further ado, here are some interesting facts about T20 Blast.

  • Since it was first introduced in 2003, T20 Blast featured 13 different champions, but only 5 teams won the title more than once.
  • Leicestershire Foxes are the current most successful T20 Blast team with 3 titles (2004, 2006, 2011), followed by Hampshire Royals, Kent Spitfires, and Northants Steelbacks, who each won T20 Blast twice.
  • Alfonso Thomas (of Somerset) is the all-time leading wicket-taker, with 33 wickets in the 2010 T20 Blast; meanwhile, James Vince (of Hampshire) holds far the best record for the most runs in a single T20 Blast with 710 in 2015.
  • Other notable names on the inimitable list include Jason Roy (677 runs in 2014), Andrew McDonald (577 runs in 2011), Jimmy Adams (668 runs in 2010), Tim Phillips (26 wickets in 2011), Mohammad Azharullah (27 wickets in 2013), and Pat Brown (31 wickets in 2018).
  • The T20 Blast is one of the most famous Twenty20 competitions in the world, alongside the Indian Premier League, Australia Big Bash League, Pakistan Super League, and Bangladesh Premier League.
  • As a league for Wales and English cricket teams, the T20 Blast is held across both countries, although most games happen in English cities, including Manchester, Birmingham, London, Leicester, Bristol, and Leeds.
  • Cricket bettors prefer UK bookmakers when betting on T20 Blast, mainly due to the generous promotions, including Bet365, William Hill, Betway, 888sportBoyleSports, and BetVictor.
  • The T20 Blast, currently Vitality Blast, has been known by a variety of names throughout its history, including Twenty20 Cup (2003-2009), Friends Life T20, and Friends Provident T20 (2010-2013), and Natwest T20 Blast (2014-2017).
  • The first Twenty20 Cup in 2003 was marketed with the slogan, “I don’t like cricket, I love it,” which is a line from a popular cricket-themed pop song Dreadlock Holiday by 10cc.

Bottom Line

Betting on the T20 Vitality Blast is not for everyone, but there are not many better tournaments to bet on if you wager on cricket. Thanks to its popularity, T20 Blast receives a lot of coverage from cricket sportsbooks, so finding a place to bet won’t be hard, although you should take your time finding the best bookie for your needs.

And besides the availability of the betting markets, wagering on the T20 Blast can be very exciting and is an excellent way to spice up your viewing experience of the top-level cricket for Wales and England. So whether you’re new to cricket betting, we hope our guide has helped you understand the basics and provided you with useful information to start wagering on T20 Vitality Blast.

Equipped with our knowledge, you’re now ready to start betting on T20 Blast, but before you do, remember to choose the best bookmaker for T20 Blast wagering and visit the best websites to get your hands on stats, information, and T20 Blast betting tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is T20 Blast?
    T20 Blast, currently named Vitality Blast, is a professional Twenty20 competition for English and Wales cricket teams, established in 2003 as the first professional Twenty20 league in the world.
  • How many games in T20 Blast?
    Each county in T20 Blast plays 7 matches away and 7 at home, with the top 4 counties advancing into the playoffs. There are 63 games per group and 7 playoff matches for a total of 133 games per season.
  • Who has won the T20 Blast the most?
    Leicestershire Foxes is the most successful team of the T20 Blast, with 3 titles in 2004, 2006, and 2011. Hampshire Royals, Kent Spitfires, and Northants Steelbacks are ranked second on the all-time list with 2 titles.
  • Where to bet on T20 Blast online?
    You can bet on T20 on all online bookmakers that offer a cricket wagering market, which mainly includes UK bookmakers and all big-name bookies and betting exchanges.
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