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Jimmy E
Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the world’s most exciting sports competitions, and the best way to enjoy it is to place a few bets on the matches and partake in fun from another angle. But before you can start betting, you should check our article, which covers choosing the best IPL betting sites.

Full List of the Best IPL Betting Sites

Indian Premier League is one of the most popular sporting events in the world and a prevalent competition among sports bettors. So it makes sense that most sportsbooks offer IPL betting online markets, giving punters more than enough options when picking a betting site.

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But so much selection also comes with a downside – looking through all the available sportsbooks and finding a good IPL betting site can be tricky. But if you know what to look for, that is pretty straightforward.

The first and most important thing to look for is the safety and security of the bookmaker where you want to bet on IPL online from a reputable online sports betting platform. Any IPL betting site you consider registering with needs to be legit and hold a valid betting license. It is the only way to ensure your money and personal information are safe.

Besides being secure, all good IPL betting websites must offer quality betting odds and have enough betting markets. You must have the best prices, a solid betting line offer, and many IPL bet online options.

Any bookmaker considered the best IPL betting site must also offer bonuses and promotions. Although online betting in IPL doesn’t necessarily require offers and rewards, it certainly helps to have some upgrades available, especially free bets, reload bonuses, and odds boosts.

Good IPL bookmakers are also required to offer betting apps. Even if you don’t plan to bet IPL online from your phone, using an IPL online betting app is advantageous.

Lastly, before you pick between cricket bookmakers, you should check the available payment methods. Most IPL online betting sites do an excellent job of offering various payment options. Still, you should make sure that the sportsbook you pick offers fast deposits and preferably no transaction fees.

How to Choose the Right IPL Betting Sites

Choosing the best IPL betting sites can be time-consuming since you have to review many features and ensure the sportsbook has them available. But it’s time well spent, and if you know what to look for, it won’t be hard to recognize the best IPL online betting sites.

Quality of Live Betting Features

The availability of IPL live betting is an important feature all solid betting sites should have. But it’s also crucial that the sportsbook offers quality live IPL betting with stable streams, which should always be available.

Live Streaming Options

Besides offering quality streams, all suitable IPL betting sites should also have many live-streaming options. That means it covers all IPL games and has added features such as tracking live IPL betting odds and displaying stats next to the live stream, allowing you to track what’s happening in the game easily.

Range of IPL Betting Promotions

Betting promotions and bonuses are not essential to a successful betting journey, but they help. So if you want to find the best IPL betting site, you can’t ignore offers and promotions, which generally offer excellent value.

It would help if you also were looking for IPL betting sites that offer exclusive IPL bookie app bonuses and promotions, allowing you to grab extra rewards by simply using a mobile betting app and betting on IPL offers.

High IPL Betting Odds

If you want to start betting on IPL online, you should already know how vital quality odds are. Betting is a numbers game; always looking for the best available odds is the only way to come out ahead.

Although no bookmaker will always offer the best prices for IPL betting online, some IPL betting sites will consistently have high odds. And only by using sportsbooks with solid odds can you realize all the potential profits, which will help you come out ahead in the long run.

Availability of an IPL Betting App

Even if you’re not a mobile bettor, you should consider registering with a bookmaker with a mobile betting app. Admittedly, you can bet on IPL from your phone by using the mobile website, but mobile apps are typically much better and can come in handy if you want to place a wager while on the go.

Moreover, some bookmakers even offer IPL bookie app betting bonuses and promotions, which you can grab if the app is downloaded.

Beginner-Friendly Features

Beginner-friendly features like cash-out options are a welcome addition all of the top IPL cricket betting sites should have. You might not need them in your betting endeavor, but it never hurts to have more features available.


A user-friendly interface makes using a bookmaker more enjoyable. It shows the quality of the sportsbook, so it makes sense to register only on IPL betting sites that offer an interface you enjoy using. This part mostly comes down to personal preference, but generally, all of the best bookies for IPL have a tangible interface that is easy to navigate and use.

Deposits and Withdrawals

An essential part of the best IPL betting websites is a solid banking department with enough deposit and withdrawal methods. As of 2024, bookmakers have become very efficient in offering plenty of payment and withdrawal methods, so for the most part, it doesn’t matter which IPL cricket betting sites you choose.

But it’s still essential to check how long the betting site takes to process your withdrawals and deposits and whether there are any added transaction fees.


Arguably, trustworthiness is the most important thing about any solid IPL betting site. You must only register with IPL legal betting sites with a solid reputation and valid betting licenses. It ensures that your money and personal information are safe, so you can place IPL bets and enjoy your betting journey without concern.

Customer Support

A solid customer support department plays a vital role in all good bookies for IPL. Even though you won’t be in touch with customer support daily, it’s crucial that once you get in touch with an agent for whatever reason, you will receive reliable service and be able to resolve any problems quickly and efficiently.

Languages and Currencies

All online betting sites and even IPL betting apps will offer English simply because it’s the most spoken language in the world. And likewise, all IPL betting sites will accept Dollars and Euros as 2 of the most used currencies.

If you are looking to bet on IPL betting sites in India, you would want a bookmaker to accept Indian Rupee mainly because you can avoid any conversion fees. Usually, you don’t need much more than that, but it is beneficial if an IPL sportsbook also has other languages and works with various currencies. And similarly, it’s always more enjoyable to use a betting site in your native tongue.

How to Use IPL Betting Sites

Using IPL betting sites is a straightforward process anyone can understand. But you must take a few steps before placing your first bet with a new bookmaker.

Step 1: Choose an IPL Betting Site

Before placing your first IPL bet, you must pick a sportsbook to bet on. Since most betting sites offer IPL line betting, there are plenty of options, but you should prioritize sportsbooks with the right qualities.

Step 2: Create a New Betting Account

Once you’ve picked a betting site, you have to create an account, which is a relatively quick process as long as you have the required documents, and it shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes to complete.

Step 3: Deposit Money for IPL Betting

With an account set up and verified, all left to do is deposit money into the account using one of many deposit methods available on the bookmaker. Make sure to check the transaction times and pick the deposit method that is the fastest if you’re in a rush to place your IPL bets.

Step 4: Claim Your IPL Betting Bonus

Before you make a deposit, it’s also wise to check if the IPL legal betting site you chose has any betting promotions and bonuses you can take advantage of. Most sportsbooks will have a welcome bonus rewarded upon your first deposit, so make sure you read the terms and conditions so you don’t miss out on it.

Step 5: Place a Bet on the IPL

With an account set up and money deposited, all there is left for you to do is to find the IPL match you want to bet on and place your bets. And before you do, check if there are any betting IPL offers, such as odds boosts of free bets, which you can take advantage of.

Offers and Promotions

All IPL betting sites – much like any sportsbook – will have bonuses, promotions and offers available. These are divided into bonuses for new and existing customers and typically vary depending on the betting sites you’re using.

The welcome bonuses are generally offered as a matched deposit bonus, which grants you free wagering cash of the same amount as your first deposit with the betting site. Meanwhile, existing users will have other proposals, such as free bets, Acca insurance, enhanced odds, and special promotions for important matches.

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Which offers you’ll come across while betting on IPL depends on the bookmaker you’re using. So it’s wise to register with the IPL betting sites with the best promotions, as they provide excellent value for your money and should be taken advantage of by any sports bettor.

IPL Odds

Solid betting offers are essential to a good bookmaker but are not nearly as important as the betting odds. Since betting is a numbers game, where the only way to come out ahead is to bet with the best available odds, you must use only IPL betting sites that can provide you with competitive prices.

You first need to understand how to read the odds, but that’s relatively simple, regardless of which odds format you use. The critical thing to know is that the odds show the implied probability of an event happening or the possibility the bookmaker believes is correct. So if you can find IPL betting odds where the implied probability is lower than you think, you’ve found a solid betting opportunity.

Another critical thing to understand with the betting odds is that the offered odds across all IPL betting sites will never be the same. You’ll often see the exact match priced differently if you compare 2 IPL betting sites, where one sportsbook will have better cricket odds than the other.

It explains why having accounts with multiple cricket betting sites is advantageous to take advantage of the better offer. So instead of looking for that one sportsbook with the best cricket odds, you should rather have an account with multiple IPL betting websites with solid odds.

IPL Historical Odds & Results

Season Winner Team & Odds Score Runner-up; Odds Bookmakers Surveyed
2012 Kolkata Knight Riders (2.09) 192-190 Chennai Super Kings (1.72) 5
2013 Mumbai Indians (1.97) 148-125 Chennai Super Kings (1.83) 7
2014 Kolkata Knight Riders (2.13) 200-199 Punjab Kings (1.73) 7
2015 Mumbai Indians (2.08) 202-161 Chennai Super Kings (1.75) 7
2016 Sunrisers Hyderabad (2.44) 208-200 Royal Challengers Bangalore (1.55) 7
2017 Mumbai Indians (1.77) 129-128 Rising Pune Supergiant (2.10) 6
2018 Chennai Super Kings (1.67) 181-178 Sunrisers Hyderabad (1.67) 8
2019 Mumbai Indians (1.80) 149-148 Chennai Super Kings (2.02) 8
2020 Mumbai Indians (1.61) 157-156 Delhi Capitals (2.30) 7
2021 Chennai Super Kings (2.00) 192-165 Kolkata Knight Riders (1.82) 8
2022 Gujarat Titans (1.88) 133-130 Rajasthan Royals (1.93) 10

Online IPL Betting Markets

Betting on IPL can be very exciting, not only because cricket is a fun and exciting sport but also due to all the available betting options. And since there are so many cricket betting markets, you won’t find it hard to find the IPL betting strategy that works for you. But first, you must get familiar with the most popular cricket markets.

Match Winner Team

Match winner (or moneyline) is the most straightforward bet you can make on cricket matches.

With it, you’re predicting which team will win the next game, and it doesn’t matter by how much the team wins – the only thing that matters is the final result.

Winner of Coin Toss

The bet on the coin toss winner is a famous cricket prop bet, which allows you – as the name would suggest – to wager on which team will win the coin toss. Although more of a bet for gamblers, it is popular among people who enjoy IPL betting in India.

Top Team Batsman

Top team batsman is a popular cricket bet used to predict which player on any given team will be the top batsman. This wager works similarly to a bet on the team’s top scorer in a football or a basketball match.

Top Team Bowler

Top team bowler is another popular cricket bet that works like the leading batsman. It allows you to predict which player on a team will end the game as the best bowler, and generous betting odds generally accompany it.

Man of the Match (MVP)

Man of the match is the most popular player cricket bet and is especially popular among people betting on IPL offers because most IPL betting sites offer enhanced odds on this market.

As the name suggests, the man of the match bet is a single wager on which player will end the game as the best player, whether based on the points he contributed or his impact on the game.

Highest Opening Partnership

A bet on the highest opening (or first) partnership is a wager on which of the 2 teams will score the most runs before losing their first wicket. It’s a highly popular bet among cricket punters and is typically available for all IPL matches.

Total Runs in a Match

A bet on total runs in a match is a wager which allows you to predict the number of runs that will be scored in the next game. Much like bets on total goals in football, this is an over/under wager, meaning you’ll have to predict whether the match will end with more or less than X runs.

1st Inning Total Runs

1st inning total runs wager works much like the total runs in a match, only here, you’re predicting whether the total number of runs in the first inning will go over a particular total.

1st Over Team Runs

With this IPL betting market, you can place a wager on the number of runs scored in the opening over. Although the number of overs in a match will depend on the format, the first over will always be six balls.

Most Run Outs

Most runs-outs is an exciting wager, where you get to predict which team will have more run-outs by the end of the match. So you pick Team A or Team B, which works similarly to a bet on which football team will have more shots on goal.

A Fifty Scored in a Match

A bet on a fifty scored in a match is a proposition bet, allowing you to place a wager on whether a player will score 50 runs or more by the end of the game.

A Hundred to Be Scored in a Match

A hundred to be scored in a match works the same way as a wager on a 50 scored in a game, only here you’re predicting whether a player will score 100 runs or more by the end of the game.

Most Match Sixes

Most match sixes is, as the name suggests, a cricket wager, offering a chance to place a bet on which team will score the most sixes by the end of the game.

Total Match Sixes

Total match sixes, unlike most match sixes, allows you to bet on whether the 2 teams combined will score more or fewer sixes than the predetermined number by the bookmaker. It is another over/under cricket bet, which works the same way as any total wager.

1st Wicket Method

The first wicket method is another exciting cricket proposition bet, allowing you to wager on which way the first wicket will be taken. It includes six options: caught, run out, leg before wicket, stumped, and “Others”.

Fall of the First Wicket

The fall of the first wicket is just another of many cricket bets you can place on all IPL betting sites, and it refers to the number of runs which will be scored in a game before the batsman is out.

How to Bet on IPL Matches

Betting on IPL is relatively straightforward; anyone can do it, but making a profit requires some knowledge and the right approach. And while no IPL betting strategy guarantees long-term gains, there are a few steps you can take to set yourself up for success.

The most important thing to remember before betting on the IPL is always to use the best available IPL betting sites. Using sportsbooks with the best odds and enough betting options is critical to your success as a bettor, but even more so, it’s essential to use a legit and IPL legal betting site.

Besides using a solid IPL betting site, doing your research before placing bets is imperative. It would help if you never bet on whatever you feel is a good pick, but instead, take your time to do the needed research, as only this way will you be able to find solid betting opportunities.

To help you find solid IPL betting picks, you might want to look online for IPL predictions. Many reputable websites offer IPL betting tips, and while following the IPL predictions blindly usually isn’t the brightest idea, the previews give you a better insight into the upcoming games.

Betting on IPL offers and taking advantage of every bonus and promotion is an essential factor that will help you secure long-term profits, but new bettors often overlook it. Free bets, promotions, and other bonuses offer much value you should take advantage of.

IPL Live (In-Play) Betting

Betting on the IPL can be exciting, but you can make it even more engaging – and profitable – if you try live betting. Whether you plan to bet on IPL betting sites in India or anywhere else, all IPL betting sites will have live betting markets available so that that option will be readily available for you.

Admittedly, live betting is not for everyone and can be challenging to master, but once you feel confident in your IPL betting ability, you will want to try live betting. In comparison to pre-match betting, in-play betting has its advantages and downsides.

The biggest drawback is that it requires strong knowledge of the league and the sport since you can’t look for free tips and predictions online to help you figure out which bets to take. However, due to how volatile the game is and how inefficient IPL betting sites are in setting the live odds, in-play betting offers many great betting opportunities you can take advantage of.

IPL Live Streaming Betting Sites

If you plan to enjoy live IPL betting in India or elsewhere, you must do so on IPL betting sites offering live streaming. You can watch the game on another computer screen or via a TV, but it’s far more convenient to have the match stream available on the betting platform you’re using (or on an IPL bookie app).

So if you intend to bet on IPL in-play, use a sportsbook with stable live streaming options.

IPL Betting Tips & Predictions

Betting is all about finding the best betting opportunities; most of the time, it’s best to trust your judgment. But that doesn’t always hold.

No matter how experienced you are in betting on the IPL, you can never have enough information and will make mistakes. So looking for websites offering IPL betting tips and predictions makes sense. Even the most successful IPL bettors will look for betting previews online, not necessarily to copy the tips, but to get a second opinion on the match they want to bet on.

Looking for IPL predictions becomes even more critical if you’re new to betting on IPL since predictions and previews are typically the best sources of valuable information.

IPL Betting Strategies

no IPL betting strategy guarantees long-term profits, so if you’re looking for that hidden formula that will make you invincible while betting on the IPL, you’re out of luck. But you can keep a few things in mind to increase your chances of placing winning bets.

Know the differences between Test and T20 cricket – It might sound obvious, but many cricket bettors seem to think that T20 and test cricket are the same and require the same approach when betting. That’s not the case, and understanding the difference between the two is extremely important if you want to succeed as a bettor.

Stadiums – besides having to familiarize yourself with the players and teams, you also have to know a thing or two about the stadiums since no cricket ground is identical, and each has its characteristics that will affect how the games play out.

Explore betting markets – although not something we would recommend to complete beginners, having the confidence to explore all cricket betting markets to find solid bets will do you a lot of good. Sticking simple bets is easy, but you might miss out on great betting opportunities.

Live betting – live betting on IPL might sound daunting, but once you are confident in predicting games, you should test in-play betting. Live betting offers a different experience and often provides plenty of excellent options.

IPL Bet of the Day

Every time you see the IPL bet of the day, we suggest you to use it. It is more like an easy-to-use bonus.


This might occur to be your best IPL bet of the week.

Best IPL Betting Apps

Due to how popular mobile betting has become, all IPL betting sites will allow you to bet from your phone. But that doesn’t mean you’ll quickly find an IPL bookie app.

Some sportsbooks have yet to develop a betting app and only offer a mobile website. And while the two do the same job, if you’re a mobile bettor, you should prioritize using only bookmakers with a mobile betting app available. And not only should you look for a mobile app, but you should do your best to find the best app for betting in the IPL.

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That’s relatively simple, as you only have to look for a few things. Most importantly, the app has to be operated by a trustworthy bookmaker, has enough betting options and features, and has to be stable, meaning it works without any problems. And if you aren’t sure which one to pick, we list our best IPL betting app choices.

How to Download IPL Betting App

Downloading an IPL bookie app is simple and shouldn’t take longer than a couple of minutes.

  1. Find the IPL betting app you want to use.
  2. Navigate to the app store of your device (iOS or Android).
  3. Download the app.
  4. Login with the credentials that you use on the bookmaker.
  5. Start betting.

You must make sure you download the legit version of the app. Although app stores do a fine job preventing scam apps from appearing, it never hurts to do your part in keeping your money safe.

How We Evaluate IPL Betting Apps

When we were picking the best app for betting in IPL, we looked for a few things, and so should you.

  • The betting app has to be legit, meaning it’s an official betting app of a reputable bookmaker.
  • The app has to have the same betting options and features as the desktop website.
  • The betting app has to have the same deposit and withdrawal options as the desktop website.
  • Good betting apps must be stable and work flawlessly without delay or lag.
  • A bonus point is if a betting app offers live streaming options.

IPL Overview

Before we conclude our IPL betting article, you should know some interesting facts about IPL cricket and bet on cricket.

  • The most successful team in the history of the IPL are the Mumbai Indians with 5 titles, Chennai Super Kings (4 titles), Kolkata Knight Riders (2 titles), and Rajasthan Royals, Sunrisers Hyderabad, and Gujarat Titans, who all won the league once.
  • The most popular and best IPL players are Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, David Warner, Chris Gayle, Lasith Malinga, Shikhar Dhawan, and MS Dhoni.
  • The top batsmen in the history of IPL are Shikhar Dhawan, David Warner, Rohit Sharma, Suresh Raina, and AB de Villiers.
  • IPL is one of the world’s most famous cricket competitions, alongside the Pakistan Super League, Big Bash League, T20 Blast, and the Bangladesh Premier League
  • The IPL season is played across several cities across India, including Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad.
  • The most popular and legal online bookmakers for IPL betting are Parimatch, 22Bet, Bet365, Betway, 10Cric, and MegaPari.
  • IPL was initially intended to be a one-day tournament.
  • Kolkata Knight Riders hold the record for the most consecutive IPL wins (10) in the 2015 season.

Bottom Line

We have covered everything you need to know about betting on the IPL, how to find the best IPL betting app, and how to approach betting on IPL and win. Now you are equipped with all the knowledge you need to start betting on cricket, so go out there, find the best IPL betting site and start betting!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I bet on the IPL?
    You can bet on the IPL on most online betting sites. Although the IPL isn’t as popular in Europe and the United States, all global sportsbooks offer betting markets, allowing anyone to place IPL bets.
  • How to bet on the IPL online?
    To bet on the IPL online, visit any reputable online bookmaker, navigate to the cricket betting markets, and place your bets. As one of the most popular cricket competitions, the IPL is well-covered by all online bookmakers, so finding odds on IPL matches isn’t tricky.
  • Which is the best IPL betting site?
    All bookmakers are known to have great IPL markets and generous betting odds. There is no one best IPL betting site. However, most IPL bettors prefer to use 10Cric, Parimatch, 22Bet, Bet365, Betway, and MegaPari.
  • Is IPL betting legal in India?
    Yes. IPL is not only legal but also extremely popular in India. IPL betting is also legal worldwide, in all countries where online betting isn’t prohibited.
  • Which is the best website for IPL live betting?
    The best websites for live IPL betting are Betway, Bet365, 10Cric, and Parimatch. All bookmakers offer live-streaming options, live betting markets, and solid in-play odds.
  • Can I make money betting on the IPL?
    You can make money betting on IPL, as you can bet on any sport or competition. However, to make money with betting, you must first learn the basics and get familiar with the clubs, players, and stadiums.
  • How do I get an IPL betting bonus?
    Most IPL betting sites will have IPL betting bonuses available, which are generally easy to obtain. Besides the welcome bonus available to all bookmakers, some cricket betting sites will also offer exclusive promotions for important IPL matches.
  • Which app is best for IPL betting?
    There is no such thing as one best IPL betting apps, but there are many great IPL betting apps every mobile bettor should know about. Some of the most notable IPL betting apps most cricket bettors use include Betway, 10Cric, and 20Bet.
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